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The first question you might ask yourself is: "Why should I even read this because it doesn't have anything to do with me." If you are transgender or "trans" for short, you may be reading out of personal interest and while searching for some answers to a deeper question: "Why am I like I am?" For the non-transgendered person, the reason for reading further is hidden in the transgender?s question. We all have in common the struggles in life to feel accepted, to accept ourselves, to deal with friends and family that have little comprehension of how we feel and to sometimes make extremely difficult and life-shattering decisions.

A person whose physical body at birth (male or female) does not match society's expectation of what their gender identity (male or female) should be. For most people, it is impossible to relate to a feeling of being fractured or un-whole..

So, maybe you can relate to these feelings. Have you ever felt as if you were just acting your life, knowing just below the surface you were terribly miss-cast for the part? Have you ever been so deeply depressed to the point of considering ending your life? Have you known the ache of believing you did nothing wrong and yet feeling immoral? Have you used alcohol to numb the pain of self-loathing? These self-destructive feelings are common to so many persons who fall under the LGBT umbrella and to those persons considered inter-sexed and to anyone else who just doesn't fit the hetero male/female stereotype of our society..

The Topeka Transgender Alliance (TTA) has been in existence since December 28, 2004, meeting once a month. Even though we have "trans" in common, there are wide interests among the members. We invite guest speakers to meet with us and to discuss various subjects, from mental health to make-up, from local religious resources to trans-friendly retailers. We have "open heart" dialog at some meetings that touches many of the sore places to help us know we are not totally alone in our struggles. We have met with local law enforcement representatives and we have had a presentation on self-defense. We have social activities and we are working towards public education and community outreach goals. We are always welcoming of persons new to the group..

If you are interested in specific information about TTA or even in becoming a member, please contact us at topekatgalliance@yahoo.com. A response will be given to any and all contacts. The exact location of where we meet and dates/times are kept confidential and not public information.

Topeka Transgender Alliance (TTA) is a support group with the goal of providing transgender persons and their family, friends and allies opportunities to explore these questions. We are not a therapy group, only a gathering of persons with similar life experiences and a desire to grow, share and heal..

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