Welcome to Topeka Transgender Alliance

TTA is a support group for the transgendered (crossdresser, dual gendered, Intersexed, and transsexual) community in the Topeka, KS area. It was founded by Bennedette K. who for the most part is the facilitator of this group.

We also invite guest speakers to present topics of interest to the Transgender community

Meeting Information:

We meet in a very discrete location on the 2nd Sunday of each month.


We do not collect dues from our members, but we do ask that you participate in full. If we meet in a church, we do collect a small fund to help defray the cost of the use of the facilities.


Because of the safety of our members, we require a prescreening of potential members. This is not an option.  Please contact the contact on the left to start the prescreening process. Keep in mind that not only is it our personal lives that can be affected but also, potentially, the professional lives of our members.

Family and friends:

Our group with the free membership allows us to be more of a family. If You want to bring your spouse or children to the meetings, feel free to do so. You also may bring your friends to the meetings. Our friends are our biggest allies. Remember to practice confidentuality.


Keep in mind that this is a support group. Like groups like AA or NA, we practice the theory of what is said here stays here. Please do not take members stories out of the meeting space.

Contact Us Today!

Christy Cheray




12:00 to 4:00 central time


Bennedette Koslover



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